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Severn Bridges Multi - Academy Trust


Declaration of Business Interests 2019

                                                              Severn Bridges MAT        

                                                                        Governance Structure






Chair: Dave Gunner Dec 2016 Business  
Geoff Corfield April 2018 Retired Headteacher  
Sebastian Van Mook Dec 2016 Independent Financial Advisor  
Dr Jo Bacon (resigned Jan 2020) Dec 2016 Vice Dean Chester University  
Andrew Connell Jan 2020    



Trustees / Trustees Board Finance Committee (TBFC) /Trustees Board Standards Committee (TBSC) 

Peter Rickard (resigned Aug 2020) Education CEO
Julie Lockley Finance  
Peter Paes (resigned Dec 2019) HR  
Hilary Burke Education Chair and LGB Chair
Mary Pascoe Governance/Education LGB Chair
Pat Wilcox Education LGB Chair
Ernest Edwards Business  
Ian Yeadon Business  


Trustee Board Admissions Committee (AC)

P Rickard H Burke J Lockley        


Trustee Staff Discipline, Grievance and Dismissal Committee (TSDGDC) 

P Rickard           E Edwards     LGB Chair                     


Trustee Staff Discipline and Dismissal Appeals Committee (TSDDAC)

M Pascoe                                                                    J Lockley                                                           LGB Chair not involved in original decision                                                   


Trustee Salaries, Performance Management and Employment Issues Committee (TSPMEIC)

H Burke        E Edwards J Lockley              


Trustee Salaries, Performance Management and Employment Issues Appeals Committee (TSPMEIAC)

P Wilcox H Burke                       


Pupil Discipline Committee

P Rickard             Chair of LGB x2 from schools not involved



Local Governing Board (LGB)


Each school in the MAT operates its own LGB.


Please refer to individual school websites for the membership and attendance details.