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Growing Great Teaching Assistants

“Teaching Assistants in our schools form a bridge in many ways. They not only support through interventions but act as a guide to our children in how we want them to be. They are invaluable, full of humour, drive and life.”  Severn Bridges SLT 


Growing Great Teaching Assistants is SBMAT’s professional growth strategy that puts developing and maintaining the highest quality of teaching support at the very heart of the learning process. It focuses on a genuinely continuous professional development process (policy below).  There is a clear course for Teaching Assistants to follow if they wish to develop into Higher Level TA or beyond. Some of our current teaching staff were originally employed as Teaching Assistants in the Multi Academy Trust. 


Empowering and Developing Teaching Assistants 

SBMAT ensures our Teaching Assistants have the training and continuing professional development to lead interventions, support  teachers in the classroom and, where appropriate, cover lessons in school. 


Teaching Assistant is a diverse and rewarding career with opportunities to work with children in many different roles. The MAT is keen to support Teaching Assistants gaining level 2,3 or 4 certificates during their time in the Trust. 



The Trust also offers the opportunities for Apprenticeships in the Trust in areas such as Teaching Assistant or as a Sports Coach in conjunction with our Sports Coaching providers. Two of our current apprentices have secured jobs as Teaching Assistants in the Trust schools. 


Career Bridge

The Trust schools contribute to create a Trust 'bursary fund’ called our Career Bridge. This enables us to facilitate participation in specialised CPD for Teaching Assistants and also allows all staff to access additional career development in areas such as: ELSA, MAPA, speech and language support specialism and many other areas. 


The Teaching Assistant Career Bridge is attached below: