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ICT Strategy Summary



ICT Vision

After a number of meetings with The Computer Factory and our School Improvement Teams (SITs) we have identified the following three key parts to the Trust`s ICT Strategy & Vision: Stability, Usability and Pupil Engagement. These three core components will be used to ensure we are focusing our effort in the right areas and that we continue to work towards the overall objective. These three components will then be broken down into smaller, more manageable objectives and will be translated into a set of activities that can be monitored and tracked. Allowing us, at a glance, to track progress against objectives as well as being able to have a view of up and coming projects.


Severn Bridges Multi-Academy Trust

Severn Bridges Multi-Academy Trust has been working collaboratively with The Computer Factory since 2017 to deliver a managed service with great flexibility for its schools. Working in partnership with our school ICT School Improvement Teams spanning the ICT leads from each school and technicians to develop a Vision & Strategy document and a technology roadmap.


The schools use a range of resourcing around the central curriculum intent utilising the Kapow Primary Curriculum Overviews for example. A wide range of other resources are employed to develop a safe, challenging and exciting curriculum for our pupils. 


We are very fortunate to have some of the most up-to-date Information Technology systems and equipment available. Each classroom has its own interactive whiteboard with a networked laptop. There are Chromebooks, laptops and iPads available in our schools to support ICT in the classroom. Alongside this, we have an extensive range of software available to the children. This software not only supports and enriches the broader curriculum but teaches the children specific skills within the computing curriculum. The schools are based on a Google platform utilising Google shared drives to collaborate with planning and resources. Google Classroom is being developed for each child in the Trust. 


Technical Roadmap 



The ICT Strategy document is written to capture and develop the Severn Bridge`s ICT Strategy and Vision through a series of meetings with Senior Leaders, using our knowledge and understanding of the schools, their priorities and the latest technologies that can support them. We will also reference other key documents such as the Trust Strategic development Plan The Trust`s strategy and vision will detail the overall goals and vision for the future of ICT in the Trust; this will be translated into a set of actions which may include some technology refresh; all these items will then be plotted onto a roadmap, which will identify the key activities and milestones as we work in partnership towards the ICT strategy and vision. It is likely that the document will need to adapt to changes in available technology, curriculum, pedagogy and lessons learned as we progress.


The full IT strategy is attached below.