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Severn Bridges Multi - Academy Trust

Welcome To Our Schools

Severn Bridges Multi-Academy Trust provides a secure and welcoming environment for our children and staff.  


We value each child as a unique individual and seek to nurture and support them to become positive, well balanced people equipped for their next steps in life.


Our curriculum is balanced and inclusive, helping every child to achieve the highest academic standards possible, while developing their individual skills, talents and attributes. 


The holistic approach of our Darwin Growth Curriculum supports this and encourages non-academic success and extra-curricular opportunities.


We are fully committed to quickly identifying children’s barriers to learning and offering first rate support to children with additional needs. We value and celebrate diversity and offer equitable opportunities for all, ensuring children are happy and well motivated.


As a close knit family of schools we work in partnership towards our shared vision; learning from each other and sharing good practice, while celebrating each school’s uniqueness and contribution to its own community.


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