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Second Successful visit from South Gloucestershire Deputy Headteachers

Following the successful visit by South Gloucestershire Learning Alliance Headteachers in October, the Deputy Headteachers have just completed a visit on 4th & 5th November.


Their aim was to begin to build a character and values award based on Severn Bridges MAT`s Darwin Values Award and Darwin Growth Curriculum.


The Deputy Heads shared presentations on the Darwin Values Award and Curriculum, as well as meeting children who gave them a real insight into how the award works for them. Children shared their folders and achievements that culminated in their Year 6 Graduation when they would gain a gold, silver or bronze award.


Sam Glover from Coniston Primary developed the knowledge base for the group further with his presentation on mapping links in the Curriculum. The Deputies used the input to create touchpoints in the award where children can achieve award criteria based on the work they are undertaking in class.   


The Deputy Heads worked on building the strands of their `Brunel Award`, working alongside the Severn Bridges MAT Deputy Headteacher team. The Deputies will take the initial work done back to Gloucester to expand the Award and create their values systems alongside it in their own schools.


We are really proud of the partnership work we undertake and it has been fascinating and exciting to develop practice working closely with The Bridge Hub. Working together with different schools keeps our curriculum and the work we do with children fresh, up to date and innovative.  


The value of the work we do on the Darwin Growth Curriculum was well summarised in Mount Pleasant’s October 2021 inspection:

The `Darwin Values’ feed through the school and the curriculum. Pupils know and understand the values, with one pupil commenting, ‘Talking about the values gives us a safe space to talk about how we feel.’

Ofsted Report October 2021